Dance Upon The Earth

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Update: I sang this on the 2018 International Peace Day at the Victoria Legislature.

I'm so happy here dancing with you!
Let's dance together and see what we can do
to make a new world,
to make a new world,
to make a new world.
To make a new world
Dance, dance, dance upon the earth.
Dance upon the earth.
Dance upon the earth.

Light Body Resurrection

Download Light Body Resurrection (mp3, 7.5 MB).

Download Light Body Resurrection-Subliminal (mp3, 7.5 MB).

Download Light Body Resurrection-Music Only (mp3, 7.5 MB).


I gift you my music, so please download it! Relax, close your eyes and listen to it deeply, with your body rather than your mind. Let it work into your core-being, allow it to transport you to a state of bliss.

This video will help you learn how to awaken your chakras, so that the energy runs in a balanced and even way through your chakra system. It is best to listen to it with headphones.

Awakening Videos

This is an informal list of videos which have been important to me on this inner journey, especially during the last two years. I will continue to add to it. Links are from HooplaDigital for library card holders, where possible.

FAR - Focus Align Resonate

Download FAR- Focus Align Resonate here (mp3 - 16.2MB).

Transmutation of lower chakra energies to upper chakras. Feel the energy rise up your spine.

Pop Version of Bolero by Maurice Ravel

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This is an arrangement of Ravel's Boléro I am working on. I am using a drum machine hanging from my belt, the one that is inside a Boss BR-Micro 4-track recorder. This is in July 2015. Gotta work on the ending!

Move Consciousness - One Hour Meditation

Download Move Consciousness Meditation (mp3, 55 MB).

This meditation has several different parts. First, each of the chakras are lit up. Then the consciousness is moved outside the body, to several different locales. Finally, the last part is in the information domain, inside the control spheres around the human body, where you can use Grabovoi healing codes or other similar healing techniques.

Violet Crystal Meditation

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Download Violet Crystal Meditation (mp3, 10.3 MB)

This meditation lets you use the technique of using a crystal and colours to promote the flow of healing energies withing yourself and another person. It is 11 minutes long. Here is a video, but it is best listened to in a meditative state with headphones.

Flying High (Exploring Orion's Head)

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This is a piece dedicated to Betsy Kundalini. It has A at 432 Hz with a scale using Pythagorean intervals, C is the root. Play on my Korg Keytar which has the capability of doing such oddities upon request (politely, through a USB cable). Listen in the body, feel where the music goes!

Direct link to YouTube.

Sound only (mp3, 16 MB) Right-click and «Save As...»

Real News - Anastasia, Personal Sovereignty and Kin Domains

As you probably have noticed, humans in most "Developed" countries on this planet are watching a bad re-run, and over time have been talked into being herded into small cages with little room and no connection to the planet; some have even been talked into killing other humans with whom they have never communicated. It turns out that the guys running the experiment can easily do this as they know humans like toys, especially ones which keep them from Noticing What's Going On.

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