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A normal song.

Pop Version of Bolero by Maurice Ravel

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This is an arrangement of Ravel's Boléro I am working on. I am using a drum machine hanging from my belt, the one that is inside a Boss BR-Micro 4-track recorder. This is in July 2015. Gotta work on the ending!

Dance Upon The Earth - First Public Performance

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This is a video made on Saturday December 6th 2014. We were about 100 people at O. U. R. Ecovillage, at Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island (BC, Canada). We were there to celebrate the Advent Feast. The food was provided by the villagers and attendees.

Anywhere I can go to talk about Anastasia, I'm there! And these folks at O. U. R. Ecovillage really get it, especially Brandy, who founded it. Thanks to all of them for their example of a beautiful, sustainable way of life!

Politician in Heat

This song is my contribution to politics during this election year. The message is simple: the only thing I can change is myself.

Download Politican In Heat (mp3, 3.8 MB).

He's gotta hard line for a constituent.
You know I been down, he's gonna up my rent.

Well, who is that man? Why's he smiling at me?
(He's a politician in heat.)
Well, I don't know him, and he don't know me
(He's a politician in heat.)
All he wants is my vote and my cash
Then he'll give it all to me

01 - Goddess-Calling

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Download Goddess-Calling (mp3, 3,222 KB).

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