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Music which teaches the chakra tones.

Distant Sun

Download Distant Sun (mp3, 18.5 MB). This is a journey to Sirius or perhaps one of the stars in the Pleiades; or you can choose your own favorite star to visit. While you are voyaging, you will still feel your attachment to Sol and Terra, and they will give you the energy for the voyage out and back.

10 - Mimzy Meadow

Download Mimzy Meadow (mp3, 2,415 KB)

06 - Chakrat Layer Cake

Download Chakrat Layer Cake (mp3, 27,569 KB).

05 - Energy Chord

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Download Energy Chord (mp3, 19,694 KB).

04 - Find Energy Points

Download Find Energy Points (mp3, 24,616 KB). This piece helps you find the lower three chakras.

03 - Introduction

Download Introduction (mp3, 7,943 KB).

01 - Findhorn Fantasy

Download Findhorn Fantasy (mp3, 13,131 KB)

This is the music from the welcome video.

Lie down, relax,
eyes closed.

Feel each tone in each chakra,

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