Everything You Need to Know About Money But Have Been Programmed to Ignore

Once you really understand these four pictures in depth, you will understand not only what is happening in the world, but also the final result. If you have been through much education on this planet, or you watch a lot of TV, I doubt that you will be able to understand much about these four pictures.

If you do understand these pictures, then you will hear all the noise yet retain your centred calm. Your friends will think you are psychic when what you told them will happen does happen and continues to happen. They will be amazed! "How did you know?" they will ask...

This is an old coin. It is money. It:
~ was a medium of exchange;
~ was a unit of account;
~ was and is a store of value.

This is a German note from the 1920's. It is not money. It:
~ was a medium of exchange;
~ was a unit of account;

Note that it was not a store of value.

Most people believed that it was money. They got boinked. It hurt. A lot.
This is a 5 TRILLION mark banknote from the post-WWI hyperinflation in Germany. Interesting things to note:

~ the depiction of US money (gold coins);
~ a poem by Goethe;
~ the story around the edge of what happened to prices on common items in less than 10 years.

Here's the Goethe poem, which references the futility of war:

America, you've got it better
than our old continent -
your heart is not troubled
in your time of life
by useless memories
and vain disputes.

Fünf Billionen = five Triilion because in Gemany, a billion is a million millions. An example of the price increase around the border: in July of 1914, a liter of milk cost 20 pfennigs (cents); on the 30th of November 1923, a liter of milk cost 560 billion marks.

This is what happens when people lose confidence in the system, as liquidity dries up and money-substitutes chase money. The first ones get the best deal; the last ones get pretty pieces of paper.

This is a visualisation of all the money that has ever existed on this planet according to commonly accepted history. Up to 7,000,000,000 people will try to claim a piece of this cube. Some will get a lot of it, and others will get none of it.

That's it! If you understand this, you understand more than all the PHDs in economics and TV watchers of the world. You are not programmed. If you don't yet understand it, then look at it for a while until you get it; or you can become deprogrammed by waiting for the inevitable, for the holders of debt and "equity" to move down the liquidity pyramid as their paper instruments become worthless. Pavlov's experiments proved that all it took to deprogram his dogs was for them to spend a few days being cold, wet, and hungry.