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A list of songs organized with a parent book page.

Introduction Playlist

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This playlist is the most basic introduction to my music. It has a short meditation which matches the tones with the seven chakras or "energy points." Then it has three basic pieces which are all for entrainment.

1 - Introduction.
2 - Find Energy Points.

Up Tempo Playlist

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These are pieces with a faster tempo, which may help you stay more alert or have a deeper effect on your body. Try a few to see what works for you!

Crystal Galaxy (from The Door Cracks Open).
Thunder Drums (from Clear Voyage).

Sleep/Relax Playlist

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This list has pieces which should help you relax and even go to sleep.

1 - View From Above (From The Door Cracks Open).
2 - Heart Journey to the Ancestors (from Pleasure Journeys).
3 - Distant Sun (from Clear Voyage).

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