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Sestina, by Will Fortune

The blue salamander, breathing her fire,
traced out the words as she flew through the air -
I ran forth to greet her! She touched down to earth.
She smiled and spilled her truth in my mind.
Her belly was full of eggs, pregnant with meaning.
I ate them all slowly; they stayed in my heart.

“But how could this be? And who knows my heart?
Could this be another trial by fire?”
Wondering, puzzling, guessing the meaning,
keeping my feet from treading the air.
Lessons I'd already learned filled my mind,
as I prayed to be brought down gently to earth.

She heard me! My Mother, the cool solid Earth.
She whispered Her song, which beat in my heart.
I smelled her fresh breeze which brought comfort to mind,
and slowed down the raging, the burning, the fire;
and shifted my hearing to Her familiar air,
and all that had passed took on a new meaning!

The gifts in my heart brought forth their meaning,
explained what it gives, to be part of the Earth.
Then my focus changed to the breathing of air,
in strict counterpoint to the beat of my heart.
By giving me gifts and lighting my fire,
the cold salamander had refreshed my mind.

But what is the use of words kept in my mind?
If I can't choose the best, to bring forth my meaning,
without help from the Muse, I extinguish my fire.
So I plant my feet firmly upon the cool Earth,
connect the bright strands to that place in my heart;
pull into my head the light from the air.

As melodies, harmonies fly in the air,
I choose the right ones from the screen in my mind,
with the help of the feelings innate in my heart,
I bring forth my love with the new-found meaning,
filtered as water from under the Earth,
forging a new song, fresh from the fire!

With my heart in my mouth, I fly through the air!
Fire, I keep in the back of my mind,
meaning to amuse you, whilst honouring Earth!