Other Music

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This is the only planet I've been to where you can get arrested, convicted, fined, and imprisoned if you hear a "protected" song and subsequently whistle it in public. In case you're wondering why I don't play any music written after 1923 (except what I've written myself), that's it!

Fortunately, this is not strictly enforced; but since I'm just a guest, I prefer to keep on the legal side of the the dance here. The current state of legality is not an interesting topic except to lower life forms (avocados, for example), so I don't want to go into any detail about it. Although they will say that the laws are created to protect artists, the laws in fact have been created by busybodies who do not have interesting lives so that they can interfere in someone who does. What's important is to recognize that what is happening here on Terra right now is symptomatic, a typical standoff instigated by those who hold power and who are trying to completely stifle those who don't have power. This will be foiled, not because of any revolution, or "coming good" or "right", but simply because the experiments being performed on this planet by its owners will be coming to an end soon. So, it doesn't matter much anyway. An added bonus for those living in highly populated areas has to do with the kind of music being played here: with its heavy beat, it will be of great help to the inhabitants when they need get into a berserker-frenzy so they can shuck each others' shells without feeling much remorse. This music is all around and forms a field of energy which acculturates everyone, usually without them even being aware that their consciousness and physical body have been changed dramatically by the sounds in their environment.

The foregoing mess is also why my music is free for listening and playing. I cannot possibly make myself learn all the rules necessary to remain legal whilst being a musician who plays other musicians' works. I find the whole scene annoying and distracting. The complete monetization of the arts is not something which is culturally sustainable!

The musical techniques I use have been forgotten except by the oldest of indigenous cultures. Yes, there are a few remaining ones which play instruments capable of exciting the enteric brain (for example, didgeridoo and shamanic drums); but even these cultures have mostly forgotten how to use this music. These techniques (sub-audible frequencies, time-domain filtering, and consonant scales) are not well understood anymore, but they should be available for other musicians to use. Therefore I consciously place any of these techniques without copyright or reservation into the public domain or commons for the free usage by anyone who wants to use them. I have no idea if this has any legal standing, but anyway that is my intent.

If you'd like to learn more about how this works in the United States, here is some material from Duke University about it in comic book form. I'll let you figure out for yourself why a document written by avocados is in the form of a comic book.