Dance Upon The Earth - First Public Performance

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This is a video made on Saturday December 6th 2014. We were about 100 people at O. U. R. Ecovillage, at Shawnigan Lake on Vancouver Island (BC, Canada). We were there to celebrate the Advent Feast. The food was provided by the villagers and attendees.

Anywhere I can go to talk about Anastasia, I'm there! And these folks at O. U. R. Ecovillage really get it, especially Brandy, who founded it. Thanks to all of them for their example of a beautiful, sustainable way of life!

Improvisation - Now!

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This is an improv which came out on Sunday, October 5th 2014.

Ascension 2014

Earth is very crowded because souls are being sent there from all over the Galaxy since Earth is a training zone about evil right now. Evil is live reversed. Earth ceases being a training centre at the end of [the millennium], when all participants will get the opportunity to see the direct consequences of not cherishing the Earth. If you cherish life, you will see the ascension of Earth beyond evil. If you do not cherish life, you will experience the Apocalypse according to St.

Peter Francuch - Cosmic Orgasm

Download Peter Francuch-Cosmic Orgasm here (Mp3, 15 Mb)

Osho - Cosmic Orgasm

Download Osho - Cosmic Orgasm here (Mp3, 13.1 MB).

For most of us (or at least for most of our lives), our only point of reference for experiencing the divine love-light energy running through is sexual orgasm. Osho explains a better model of sexuality which lets us escape from the hamster-wheel of karmic sexuality and return to the experience of divine connection and communion at the soul level.

Here is the text:

Cosmic Orgasm Through Tantra

Grabovoi Spine Healing Meditation

Download Grabovoi Spine Healing Meditation here (Mp3, 4.7 Mb).

Travellers from Beyond

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Download Travellers from Beyond here (mp3, 28 MB).

Experience the mother ship as she approaches us and gets closer with each passing day.

Bringers of the Dawn - Ch. 20 - Cosmic Orgasm

Download Bringers of the Dawn - Ch. 20 - Cosmic Orgasm here (mp3, 30 Mb).

This book was channelled by Barbara Marciniak. You can buy the book here on Amazon, definitely a must-read!

Here is the text, from the Internet (not copied from the book itself).

Chapter Twenty

Golden Rays Of Cellular Memories

Download Golden Rays Of Cellular Memories (mp3, 13.1 MB).

As with Planets at Play, this piece was received in two 3 AM sessions (on August 2nd and 3rd, 2014). This was after a bout with gluten which really knocked me out for a while, and I find this soothing as well as healing. Try it on the massage table, too.

Live Jam in Victoria

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On Saturday, May 24 2014 we performed live for a small audience in The Odd Fellows Hall, in down-town Victoria. This is a short clip of the pre-concert jam. Performing that evening, together for the second time: Michael Waters (Guitar). Ocian Flo (Glass Bowls). Will Fortune (Synths).

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