Shock Teapot

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Shock Teapot, Will Fortune's seventh album.

Light Body Resurrection

Download Light Body Resurrection (mp3, 7.5 MB).

Download Light Body Resurrection-Subliminal (mp3, 7.5 MB).

Download Light Body Resurrection-Music Only (mp3, 7.5 MB).

Move Consciousness - One Hour Meditation

Download Move Consciousness Meditation (mp3, 55 MB).

This meditation has several different parts. First, each of the chakras are lit up. Then the consciousness is moved outside the body, to several different locales. Finally, the last part is in the information domain, inside the control spheres around the human body, where you can use Grabovoi healing codes or other similar healing techniques.

Grabovoi Spine Healing Meditation

Download Grabovoi Spine Healing Meditation here (Mp3, 4.7 Mb).

Travellers from Beyond

Published in

Download Travellers from Beyond here (mp3, 28 MB).

Experience the mother ship as she approaches us and gets closer with each passing day.

Golden Rays Of Cellular Memories

Download Golden Rays Of Cellular Memories (mp3, 13.1 MB).

As with Planets at Play, this piece was received in two 3 AM sessions (on August 2nd and 3rd, 2014). This was after a bout with gluten which really knocked me out for a while, and I find this soothing as well as healing. Try it on the massage table, too.

Gently Falling Snow (Healing Code for Shingles [Herpes Zoster])

Download Gently Falling Snow here (mp3, 2 MB).

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