The Door Cracks Open

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Album #1, "The Door Cracks Open"

01 - Findhorn Fantasy

Download Findhorn Fantasy (mp3, 13,131 KB)

This is the music from the welcome video.

Lie down, relax,
eyes closed.

Feel each tone in each chakra,

05 - The Unveiling

Download The Unveiling (mp3, 4,754 KB).

06 - Bee Healing

Download Bee Healing (mp3, 10270 KB).

Follow me, my brother!
Follow me, my sister!
Fly to the hive with me!

04 - View From Above

Download View From Above (mp3, 9452 KB)

In the quiet 3:00 AM darkness
I quietly gaze at the horizon

08 - Diana's Shapeshift

Download Diana's Shapeshift (mp3, 6738 KB)

I am Hippios

03 - Elemental Shift

Download Elemental Shift (mp3, 9508 KB)

Mist shrouds
the planet.
It parts,
reveals new shapes
as it is
reborn into
its next life.

07 - Olas de Tambór

Download Olas de Tambór (mp3, 6548 KB)

02 - Crystal Galaxy

Downoad Crystal Galaxy (mp3, 11,294 KB).

I feel the energy
from my feet
to my crown
filling me
ready to burst out

I let it spring forth
from my head
shooting up
into the thinnest cloud

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